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Based in Norfolk and with a mission to support the growth of the local economy , Adept Supply Chain Solutions Ltd (ASCS) specialise in helping micro-businesses and SME’s strengthen their internal and external supply chains to achieve increased competitive advantage and sustainable year-on-year organic growth, through holistic business transformation and process reengineering activities.  Focusing on understanding the needs and wants of your customer(s), we deliver this via a structured approach to Continuous Improvement, Change Management and Culture Change, utilising best-practice analytical and problem-solving tools and techniques including Lean Six-Sigma.

All productivity and efficiency improvements are measurable in terms of key business performance metrics including Quality, Cost and Delivery.  Although the roots of ‘Lean Thinking’ lay within the manufacturing sector, the core methodology and associated tools are applicable and beneficial to any size or type of business, in any sector.  However, because no two businesses are the same, our solutions are bespoke to each client.

We can either deliver the improvement activities for you or alternatively, train your appointed internal ‘Change Agents’.  Either way, we promote employee engagement and a cultural change to maximise the benefits of all improvement activities.



Albert Einstein famously quoted: "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them“.  We can act as a fresh pair of eyes looking in on your business and more readily identify ‘abnormal’ conditions that have become the norm to yourselves.

Through our 'WIN' (Waste Is Needless!) programme of structured business transformation, we can help you improve your productivity and profitability by removing elements of wastes (costs) from your value-streams.  We can either help you achieve more added-value with the same effort or, the same added-value with less effort. The emphasis is on you working smarter rather than harder!

Cash-flow is the life-blood of your business!  We will ensure that your products, processes and people are correctly aligned with your strategic plan, resulting in your bottom-line being directly improved through improved cash-flow and increased profit retention.  Typical benefits of working with us will include helping you to:

  - Implement strategic planning
  - Map your value stream(s)
  - Maximise employee engagement and ensure people are doing the right thing, at the right time.
  - Configure the workplace for optimum efficiency and productivity.
  - Implement Visual Management systems for real-time business performance status monitoring.  
  - Improve customer service-levels to improve overall levels of customer satisfaction.
  - Implement effective production forecasting and capacity planning including people and equipment utilisation.
  - Skills-gap and training requirements analysis.
  - Implementation of 'Risk & Mitigation' assessments and 'Business Continuity' plans.
  - Design and manage a sustainable improvement plan to map your improvement journey.
  - Identify barriers to growth and implement appropriate counter-measures.
  - Implementation of 6S and 8-Wastes improvement tools.
  - Reduce process variation, equipment down-time and levels of internal defects and subsequent rework.
  - Improved cashflow through reduced inventory of direct materials and finished goods and increased raw material stock turns.
  - Improve staff morale and motivation.


The first step on the journey to business growth is an initial free and without obligation’, ’Business Vitality Health Check’ at your premises.  Taking no more than a couple of hours of your time, this provides a fresh viewpoint on the key aspects of managing your business including an objective review of your business plan, analysis of your current status and understanding where you want to take your business.  Subsequently, we will identify and agree areas of opportunity for improvement with you.

Whether your product or service is at the concept stage or, you are an already well-established business, we can help you design and implement a robust and deliverable strategic plan for increased and sustainable growth and business success!


Contact us now to book your free, informal and without no-obligation 'Business Vitality Health Check'

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 Tudor House Business Centre, 8 Grammer School Road, North Walsham, Norfolk. NR28 9JH

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