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Adept Supply Chain Solutions Ltd (ASCS) is a business management consultancy that helps micro and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME's) to achieve increased competitive advantage and sustainable year-on-year organic growth through improvements made in supply chain productivity and efficiency.


The role of all businesses is to satisfy the requirements of their customers through the creation of a product or service. This is achieved through a sequence of processes (work activities).  Upstream, each process has at least one input and one supplier and downstream, at least one output and one customer. Therefore, a supply chain is created, generating added-value as production of the product or delivery of the service progresses. This is commonly referred to as the value-stream.


Typically, a business is established for the production of tangible products or intangible services and very often, a combination of both. The business will consist of at least one supply chain creating a value-stream. However, as a business's supply chains grow and become more complex over time, inefficiencies, in the form of waste elements, creep in to the business's processes, effectively reducing productivity and net profits. Such inefficiencies can occur in any aspect of a business's management and production, and it's a fact that a business is only as efficient as its least-efficient process.



Traditionally, a business would set a selling price based on cost plus profit, thereby covering the costs of those wastes. However, increasing global market forces and the continuing push for pricing transparency have led to a point where customers are only willing to pay for what they perceive as value-adding activity, effectively forcing reduced market prices. Now it’s a case of profit being the result of selling price minus cost. The need to identify and systematically reduce your business costs is fundamental to achieving competitive advantage.


Through our ‘WIN’ (Waste Is Needless!) programme of structured business improvement, we will help you to improve key business performance metrics, such as quality, cost and delivery, by removing wastes from your value streams. Typical wastes include storing excess materials, over-production and poor quality resulting in reworking and unnecessary movement of people and products. We can either help you achieve more value with the same effort or the same value with less effort!

Cash-flow is the life-blood of your business!  We will ensure that your people, processes and products are correctly aligned with your strategic plan, resulting in your bottom-line being directly improved through improved cash-flow and increased profit retention due to the elimination of wastes and measurable improvements in your key business performance metrics.


Engaging with us will increase your net profitability and ensure that the correct people skills, staff morale and processes are in place to achieve and sustain year-on-year organic growth of your business.

Typical benefits of working with us will include helping you to:

  • Identify and understand your customers and competitors.
  • Understand your customer's requirements in terms of value.
  • Identify opportunities for growth and design SMART solutions.
  • Identify barriers to growth and implement appropriate counter-measures.
  • Design, implement and continuously manage a rolling, strategic plan for product or service  design, development and production.
  • Develop and control a sustainable improvement plan to map your improvement journey.
  • Identify resource requirements and design a fulfilment plan.
  • Shorten your product/service development and launch-to-market lead-times.
  • Reduce indirect and direct costs.
  • Reduce process variation, equipment down-time and produce less defects.
  • Design and implement Visual Management systems for real-time monitoring.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved right-first-time performance.
  • Improve staff morale and motivation.


Contact us for a free, informal and no-obligation discussion of your business growth requirements!

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