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Contact us now to book your free, informal and without no-obligation 'Business Vitality & Growth Mapping Review'


Our own services have themselves been developed and structured to give maximum value to you by eliminating as much waste as possible from the learning process to provide a cost-effective solution.  Ordinarily, we do not run extensive 'teaching' activities involving high levels of administration and manpower (for example master-classes and steering committees).  Nor do we write a glossy, white-book report on the current status of your business and then disappear!  Instead, we help you implement change immediately with a structured, straight-forward and common-sense, hands-on, ‘learn-by-doing’ approach that provides you with a much faster return on your investment in us.  We prefer to think of ourselves as working 'with' the client, rather than 'for' the client.


Initially we offer a free, without obligation 'Business Vitality & Growth Mapping Review' focusing on key attributes of your processes and business performance.  In some cases, we may place immediate focus on a particular process or product that has already been identified by you as giving concern. The structure of our solutions is very much determined by your business's objectives and own abilities and resources, but we do provide a detailed proposal and timing plan as part of any quotation offered. 


The key to successful business transformation is ensuring that all improvements are sustainable and that a culture of continuous improvement is implemented to encompass all of your business processes (i.e. production and administration) and people, to eliminate as many wastes as possible both within your own company and ultimately, throughout your entire supply chain(s).  All businesses are different and therefore, we do not offer a generic business improvement package but design bespoke solutions based on your specific strategic goals and objectives.

A continuous improvement 'journey' with objectives and anticipated outcomes is recorded in a 'Business Improvement Charter' agreed with you. All charters are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time-based (SMART) against key business performance measures including quality, cost and delivery, and will be fully documented.  To deliver the charter outcomes, improvement activities (Kaizen events) will be planned and managed within a 'Continuous & Sustainable Improvement Plan' (CSIP).  These simplistic, one-page documents will provide real-time 'at-a-glance' status of all improvement activities.

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